4-year-old saves mom's life

Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 07:14:59-04

A local mother is praising her 4-year old son for saving her life. She went into a diabetic shock on Tuesday and her special needs son knew exactly what to do to get help.

"I keep telling him he's a superhero and he doesn't believe me," said Lisa price-Jimenez.

Price-Jimenez says she and her unborn baby may not be here if it weren't for her son Rey's quick thinking. At 30 weeks pregnant Price-Jimenez went into diabetic shock while she was home alone with her son.

"I was crashing pretty badly and I had no way to get my blood sugar back up," she explained.

When she passed out Rey knew just what to do. He grabbed his mom's phone and called his dad, steps he'd only been shown a few times.

"I came to and he was on the phone with his dad and telling his dad that I was sleeping and I had fallen down," Price-Jimenez added.

Within minutes paramedics were on the way and Price-Jimenez says they were just in time since she could have ended up in a diabetic coma.

"I was just in complete shock that he actually knew how to do it and knew when to do," she said, talking about Rey's quick dialing. "He has special needs and actually has a rare brain disorder called Schizencephaly, so I didn't even think he was capable of doing anything like that."

But Rey is proving her wrong and isn't wasting any time sharpening his phone skills.

"He's simply amazing," his mom said.

Even though Rey might need some convincing his mom isn't doubting his superpowers.

Price-Jimenez says her doctors adjusted her insulin levels and both her and the baby are doing okay.