4 dogs seized in dogfighting investigation are being transferred to a rescue group

Ingham County Animal Control is transferring 4 dogs seized in a dogfighting investigation to a rescue group in Detroit. Bark Nation is a non-profit that specializes in fighting dogs.

State law requires dogs that have been used in fights to be put down but dogs that have simply been trained can be evaluated and saved if experts think they can safely be rehabilitated.

Five dogs had been surrendered to Animal Control as part of the investigation. One had to be put down after it bit a staff member. Bark Nation will evaluate the other four and place them with rehabilitation groups if possible.

A total of 52 dogs were seized in Ingham and Eaton Counties in the dogfighting investigation. Five were put down because they'd been used in fights. Two suspects, Corey Henry and Synquiss Antes, are facing multiple felony charges in the case.