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38 car pile-up blamed on heavy snowfall

Posted at 12:31 PM, Feb 10, 2018

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WSYM) - Michigan State Police say the heavy snowfall is to blame for a massive pileup crash on I-94 near Kalamazoo.

38 cars and semi-trucks were involved in a crash that shutdown the highway for several hours. Police say first responders were working to remove a separate jack-knifed semi-truck when the chaos began to unfold.

Candyce Morgan was caught in the pile up. She said, "He actually spun out right in front of me. And then I could see all the semis. I saw the stopped traffic, and I was like I don't have time to stop."

John Riebel also got tied up in the mess. He said, "My tire collided with the end of the semi along with the back end of my truck. So, it totally destroyed my whole wheel and tire."

No word on how many people were hurt, but police say all of the injuries were minor.

State Police want to remind you to be extra careful if you have to drive in the snow. Make sure to slow down and keep a larger distance between you and the car in front of you.