Lions fans do what it takes to get to Kansas City for kickoff amid flight delays

Posted at 9:06 AM, Sep 07, 2023

ROMULUS, Mich. (WXYZ) — Excitement continues to build for the Detroit Lions season opener against the defending Super Bowl champions, with some fans traveling to Kansas City for the game.

Some are driving, but many flocked to Detroit metro airport Wednesday. For some fans, their season is starting off on a bad foot.

"I'm at the airport right now and my flight has been (delayed) to go to Kansas City,” Michelle Nabozny from Livonia said during a phone call with American Airlines.

Nabozny was trying to figure out what to do to get to Arrowhead Stadium by kickoff.

“We got here at 3 o'clock for a 5 o'clock flight, made it through security no problem, sat down promptly, got an alert from American Airlines saying it was delayed,” Nabozny said.

After three delayed alerts, she was told she’d miss her connection to Kansas City. Not able to book a new flight for Wednesday night, she hit the road.

“So we're going to hop in the car and we're going to drive,” Nabozny said.

The marquee matchup against the defending Super Bowl champions is sending many Lions fans to Kansas City, filling up flights the night before the game.

“It’s been on our calendar for about six months now and we're really looking forward to it,” fan Nick Fenner from Livonia said.

“We're very excited," Lions fan Stephanie Pachy from Brighton said. "I've got my Aidan Hutchinson jersey ready to go — blue in a sea of red."

Even in Kansas City, Lions fans were already on the ground repping their colors along more than 600 miles of highway, hoping to add more blue to that red sea.

“We left Detroit around 9 p.m. We literally drove all night, no stopping," Lions fan Leann Rigley said. "I feel I thrive in this environment. I kind of like being the outcast and representing Detroit."

As for Nabozny and friends, they’re already on the road, set to arrive at nearly 4 a.m. Mark, a man from Oak Park, was a stranger to the group until they met at the airport. They're all driving together, showing that Lions fans truly are One Pride.

“Not something we wanted to do but you know what, we've got money invested in this," Nabozny said. "The tickets are not cheap, we've got an Airbnb to pay for, a tailgate party were invested in — we have to get there.”