Leonard Maltin's Top 3 Hidden Gems From 2016

Posted at 1:03 PM, Jan 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 13:15:44-05

There were some fantastic movies that came out in 2016 and some are getting a lot of attention like La La Land and Fences, but there are some brilliant ones that not enough people are talking about. Film critic and historian Leonard Maltin has the top three hidden gems from last year that are worth checking out.

1.  Sing Street

This one's about a young lad in the 1980s who's inspired to make music videos, which were new at the time, by meeting a beautiful girl -- often the inspiration for great things. This is a charming film you are sure to love.

2.  Don’t Think Twice

This movie is written, directed and starring Mike Birbiglia, a very funny storyteller and comedian. He's surrounded by a wonderful cast led by Keegan Michael-Key and Gillian Jacobs, and they play an improvisation comedy troupe in New York whose equilibrium is thrown off balance when one of them is cast on a popular TV show. This is another irresistible film you really should see.

3.  Rules Don’t Apply

Warren Beatty's new film is about Howard Hughes and two young people who come to Hollywood with different goals, who fall into Hughes’ orbit and become part of his world, even unwittingly. This is a movie that hasn't gotten the reviews it deserves and if you can still find it in a theater near you, you should try to see it.

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