Last Chance Rescue in Howell needs to raise $43,000 or face closure when they are condemned

Posted at 4:43 PM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 15:18:09-05

It's an animal rescue, that needs a little rescuing itself. Last Chance Rescue in Howell will be forced to close its door if it can't raise more than $40,000.

Twenty dogs are on their last chance at life, fittingly they've been taken in by Last Chance rescue.

Maria Durante in an animal coordinator.

"We do tend to take the very needy souls," she said.  "A lot of our animals were very ill when we got them or some other abusive situation. We've seen some sad things."

Now they are going through their own sad situation. Last Chance Rescue's kennel needs a chance to stay open.

Because their septic system failed, the group now needs more than $43,000 to hookup to the city's sewer system.

They have to raise the funds by February 1st or the building will be condemned and the 20 dogs would again be homeless.

"They would have no where to go."

They are trying to find people willing to foster or adopt these animals as soon as possible. The group also created a GoFundMe page.

Maria explained, "If we can raise some funds to get the underlying situation under control we can continue to operate as a rescue."

The dogs need a new home or the organization may be at the mercy of other rescue groups to take them in.

"If we have nowhere to place these animals and February 1st comes and we are condemned, it's really out of our hands."

To check out their adoptable dogs or to learn how you can make a donation, go to: