Is Your State the "Hangriest" in America?

Posted at 4:06 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 08:09:00-05

Ever wanted food so badly that you felt furious about it? Then you've experienced "hanger": an actual word for the feeling of being hungry and angry at the same time. Snickers recently created a hunger algorithm that tracked users' level of hunger and anger. Along with helping to boost Snickers candy sales, their research also helped reveal which states are the "hangriest" in the nation and Teresa Strasser is showing you the top 6.

3. Kansas & West Virginia

Kansas and West Virginia are tied in third place for “hangriest” state, as reported by the New York Post. But, no matter where you are, there is an exact worst time of the week for hunger-induced crabbiness: Monday at 2:15 P.M., according to Snickers’ research.

2. Utah, California, & Florida

It’s a three-way tie for second place, with Utah, California and Florida as runners-up for “hangriest” states. California alone takes the title for quickest to go from hungry to “hangry” – in just 18 minutes. The average across the US? 36 minutes. Time to chill out, West Coasters!

1. New York

If you’re from the Big Apple, maybe you should also eat one! New Yorkers are hit with serious hanger seven times a month, toppling the competition as the hangriest state in the union.

And, if you’re wondering, Wisconsin is the most laid back state, ranking last in terms of how “hangry” its citizens are per month. Who can be “hangry” with all that cheese to go around?

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