Inspiring Video Shows That All Women Can Do Yoga

Posted at 10:26 AM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 13:24:07-05

If your new year's resolution is to be healthy, this video will inspire all women to workout! Dianne Bondy is a popular yoga teacher who shares the message of self-acceptance. 

"Inspiring Video Shows That All Women Can Do Yoga" is #trendingUp and you can see the entire video now, on The List!

Here's more about the video:

Body confidence and self-acceptance are topics that have grown in popularity over recent years. Why? The fact of the matter is that our world is still filled with stigma, stereotypes and unrealistic expectations. It’s time to reclaim power from a society that thinks we should look or act a certain way based on our appearance. Instead of trying to change ourselves to fit an arbitrary standard, let’s change perceptions. As advocates for body diversity and size acceptance, we at Penningtons want to work with you to create a new convention: that beauty, strength, and confidence come in different sizes, shapes, and heights.

#iwontcompromise is a movement that celebrates doing what we love, wearing what makes us feel good, and being who we are without compromise. No limits, no fears, no judgments, just pure enjoyment. When we hold ourselves back in fear of how we may be perceived, society misses out. Let them stare. Let them see what we can do. Let’s inspire them together