How to Make 2018 Your Year, Based on the Zodiac

Posted at 1:42 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 09:24:15-05

As you get ready to start thinking about your resolutions for the new year, take a few hints from your zodiac sign. The sign you were born under could give you a clue about what you should leave behind in 2017 - and what you should be looking forward to in 2018. Kristina Guerrero sat down with Astrologer Jane Elizabeth to find out how your sign could help you shake off last's year baggage and help you reach your full 2018 potential.

1. Aries

While you can be courageous, when it comes to new things, because you're confident in your abilities, you could be getting comfortable in doing what you know you're good at.

In 2018, think about breaking out of your comfort zone. It might seem scary, but your passion and determination will carry you through and you might find yourself feeling more fulfilled doing things a new way.

2. Taurus

As an earth sign, you can be meticulous about the things that are closest to you - particularly when it comes to things you love around your home. So, while you might be used to the way your home looks and makes you feel, in 2018, you should shake things up a bit.

Think about painting a wall a new color or adding some new furniture or decor. The point is to find something new to surround yourself with. Doing so will help remind you that you can still feel comfortable around something new and will inspire you to keep seeking out new things in the new year. Besides, starting the new year off with new material things doesn't feel too bad, either.

3. Gemini

Your mind can sometimes move faster than those around you. You're quick thinking and quick witted - but because you think so rapidly, you can sometimes miss out on valuable insights you could be getting from others. So, slow it down a bit in 2018.

Make sure that when you're interacting with others, you're actually hearing them, as opposed to finishing their thoughts in your head. And look to take time to slow down with new books or new magazines - things that will help calm your mind for a bit. And try to remember that you don't have to be  on the go-go-go, all year long.

4. Cancer

Because your sign loves to help others, you might often expect to get help when you need it as well. But not everyone is as emotionally tuned as you are, and the more you expect good from others, the more disappointed you might become.

So, in 2018, let go of those expectations. You'll feel better when you know you're doing good because you want to, not because you're hoping someone will give that good back to you.

5. Leo

As a Leo, you love to learn new things and visit new places. But, once you find a spot you really like, you tend to go there all the time - and bring it up to your friends frequently, which, for them, can get get boring after the third or fourth visit. So, in 2018, venture to new places!

The more time you spend at places you've already been to, the less you're learning about the world around you. So, tap into your natural curiosity and head someplace you've never been. Your cheerful nature will make you friends anywhere you go, so the only thing holding you back from learning something new is you.

6. Virgo

As a Virgo, you hold fast to your beliefs. If you feel a certain way about your work ethic or how you treat people, you sometimes feel that others should feel that way too. But when other people's behaviors don't line up to how you think they should be, it can cause you quite a bit of discomfort.

So, in 2018, instead of getting bent out of shape by the behaviors of others, try to understand where other peoples' beliefs are coming from. You might find that they come out of good places, or, find that those behaviors and beliefs are just plain terrible. But the point for you, in the new year, is to understand where other people are coming from, instead of immediately condemning them, without thinking in their shoes.

7. Libra

You're social and love going out with your loved ones to have a good time, but like Leos, if you can go to the same spot, you will. In 2018, try to find new places to go that will inspire your inner harmony and stimulate your strong intellect.

Try to spend more time outdoors - the beauty you can find will really resonate with your sign. And see about finding new ways to be enriched by music, art, or other creative outlets.

8. Scorpio

As a Scorpio, you love to work hard so that you can be comfortable at home, at work, and in your relationships. But, once you find that comfort, it can be hard for you to depart from it. So, in 2018, push yourself out of your comfort zone.

If you're usually a homebody on the weekends who loves to watch their favorite shows on Netflix, go out to a movie once or twice a month. Or, if you have a standing date with your significant other at the same bar, try a different bar - or try having a date at home. The more you venture out of that comfort zone, the more easily you'll find it to adapt to things that'll pop up in your life during the new year.

9. Sagittarius

If this is your sign, then you're used to giving out good advice. But with all the people coming to you to ask for help, you may get used to giving out the same old answers. So, in 2018, challenge yourself to help others in new and different ways. Really think about your experiences and try to take your helpful insight for others to the next level.

10. Capricorn

You, Capricorn, are one smart cookie. But just because you know a lot, doesn't mean you know it all. In the coming new year, try to learn more from others. Listen to new advice and try to seek out more opinions for your decisions, even if you think you already know the answer.

11. Aquarius

As an Aquarius, you are friendly and social, but sometimes your gift for communication can make you talk a lot about your feelings and issues, which prevents you from listening to and helping your friends with their issues.

So next year, try to focus a little less on your own needs when you're with company and try to connect with others about theirs. Your knack for communication and giving others a helping hand can not only give your friends a boost, but boost your own interpersonal skills and needs, as well.

12. Pisces

Your sign is a nurturing one that loves to care for others. You probably spent a lot of 2017 looking out for loved ones, so, next year, look to spend more time caring for yourself in new ways. Shaking up your routine will revitalize your body in the new year.

So, look into new fitness regiments that you'll like and stick with. Try making new foods that taste good but also feel good, giving you all the right nutrition you need. The more time you spend taking care of yourself, the better you can take care of your loved ones.

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