House committee approves bill to allow deer baiting in Michigan

Posted at 1:08 PM, Nov 05, 2019

The Michigan House Government Operations Committee approved a state representative's plan to end the ban on baiting deer and elk in the state.

Rep. Michele Hoitenga said the ban, issued by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission in August 2018 amid concerns about chronic wasting disease, is hurting outdoor enthusiasts and local businesses.

“Baiting is a method that hunters have relied on for generations, and there’s absolutely no evidence it contributes to the spread of disease,” Hoitenga said in a press release. “It’s silly for the NRC to ban hunters from scattering apples around their deer blinds when every day deer graze on apples that fall off trees in nature.”

House Bill 4687 would allow people to bait during open seasons on deer and elk in Michigan.

“The ban is doing more harm than good by chasing hunting families away from the sport,” Hoitenga said. “The revenue generated from hunting licenses helps support conservation efforts carried out by the DNR, and hunting enthusiasts play a crucial role in supporting our state’s northern and rural economies.”

The bill will move to the full House for consideration.