Homeless Detroit man gets help to earn an honest living washing windows

Posted at 4:31 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 09:16:30-04

Some people need help to make an honest living.

That's what the organization "Everybody Matters" believes which is why they are helping out a homeless man who lost his window washing kit.

Rico Thomas has been homeless for 22 years, but the kit had been his ticket to a better life.

He said, "I'm trying to work. I'm willing to work."

A couple of months ago, Rico was arrested for several unpaid fines for loitering and other misdemeanors.

Now, he's back out but didn't have his window washing kit.

Jeremiah Chappelle from "Everybody Matters" decided to help Rico.

"The thing about Rico is his smile," Chappelle said. "Once you see it, it's just the most infectious thing in the world."

Jeremiah is a veteran and used to be homeless and now he tries to help people get off the streets.

"Not asking for a hand-out. Rico works, he works very, very hard."

He put a post on Facebook about Rico's situation and many folks offered to help, including businesses who want to hire him to wash windows.

Rico said, "Makes me feel like I have a chance in life and really touches my heart."

The Downtown Detroit Bike Shop is paying Rico $30 for each cleaning.

"Appreciate people like that. There are nice people out there but they want to see you try to help yourself as well as them helping you," he added.

Now, Rico sees a brighter future in the reflection of the windows he cleans.

"I thank God. Hopefully I will get jobs and a roof over my head. That will the start."

Rico says he takes great pride in how he presents himself and his professionalism and he's looking for more work.

You can help by contacting "Everybody Matters Detroit" on Facebook.