Here's how to protect yourself from oversharing data

Posted at 12:47 PM, Jan 27, 2020

Popular dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Grindr are sharing personal information, according to a new study from the Norwegian Consumer Council.

The study found that at least ten apps were found to have shared information with 135 different third parties. Each app denied most of the accusations within the study.

“Most companies, a lot of organizations just aren’t very transparent,” said David Derigiotis.

Derigiotis is the vice president of Burns & Wilcox and a tech expert. He says many times, people do not understand how much access we are giving the apps we download.

He used the website App Census App Search to show just how much access one app, a flashlight app, asks for on an Android.

“There is no reason an app like this would need to have access to your location or even to your call history, your storage space, what type of music you have on your phone, your images, videos, you’re giving a flashlight app access to all of that,” said Derigiotis.

That data can then be distributed to third party advertisers. How the data is transferred is another issue.

“The data is going unencrypted which means it could be easily intercepted, it’s not done in a secure manner,” said Derigiotis.

Derigiotis recommends turning off your WiFi and Bluetooth while you’re not using it.

He also recommends people check their settings. If you are an Apple user go to settings, then privacy, check to see if you’re sharing location, microphone access, contacts access, photos and camera access.