8 startling facts about global sanitation crisis

Posted at 11:16 AM, Nov 19, 2015

November 19th marks World Toilet Day, which aims to raise awareness of the sanitation crisis our world faces. See 8 of UN Water's most startling facts about the global sanitation crisis. 

1. 2.4 billion people lack access to improved sanitation.

2. 946 million people do not have access to a toilet and are forced to go out in the open.

3. 9 out of 10 people who practice open defecation live in rural settings.

4. 50% of all cases of under nutrition are associated with repeated diarrhea and intestinal worm infections as a direct result of inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene. 

5. Unhealthy toilets cause stunting for millions of children. 

6. Nearly 1,000 children die every day from diarrhoeal diseases linked to lack of safe water, sanitation, and basic hygiene. 

7. 443 million sick days are taken by children every year because of wash-related diseases

8. At least 20% of all maternal deaths are related to women being stunted and having anemia.


Learn ways that you can participate in World Toilet Day here.