Grand Ledge Schools, First Responders Partner to Keep Students Safe

Posted at 10:10 AM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 10:15:38-04
Strong partnerships between schools and local first responders are key to keeping students safe. On October 16 and 23, the Grand Ledge Police Department, Grand Ledge Area Fire Department and the Eaton County Sheriff's Office came together at two Grand Ledge schools for an important set of training exercises. Called Active Violence Incident (AVI) training, these exercises prepare first responders to handle crisis situations at local schools.
"We don't want to think that school violence could happen in our safe community," says GLPS Superintendent Brian Metcalf. "But the unfortunate reality is that we need to be prepared for the unthinkable." Active Violence Incident training is a shift from the traditional “lockdown only” method to a more proactive method of handling the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event.
GLPS and the Grand Ledge Police Department have worked closely over the last 21 years to enhance the safety of the District’s students. These continual trainings leverage the knowledge of local law enforcement to better prepare GLPS to protect students against a myriad of threats.
“Student safety has been the number one priority for us and the District since we began working together in 1997,” says Officer Chris Chester, the GLPD School Resource Officer. “We have had these drills and response plans in place for a variety of scenarios since before 2014, when the State of Michigan began requiring them.” The GLPD also works closely with the Eaton County Sherriff’s Department and Clinton County Sherriff’s Department to ensure that all schools in the District – regardless of physical address – are prepared.
The District also offers OK2SAY, Michigan’s program that allows anyone to confidentially report tips on criminal activities or potential harm directed at students, school employees, or schools through an app or via text. In addition, part of Proposal 1, a school bond proposal on the November 6 ballot, includes safety and security improvements to all school buildings.
"Securing entrances, adding video surveillance and improving lighting are just some of the ways Proposal 1 would improve safety for our students and staff," says Metcalf.
Grand Ledge Public Schools offers distinguished student achievement, exemplary instruction and award-winning performing arts and athletics. The District has two bond issues on the November 6 ballot: Proposal 1, which supports District-wide school improvements and Proposal 2, which supports community, athletics and fine arts improvements.
Source: Press Release