Grab-and-go sushi, bed pillows just a few of Meijer's pandemic shopping trends

Posted at 2:25 PM, Apr 08, 2021

(WXYZ) — It's been a long year and the pandemic has pushed us to do things differently — especially when it comes to the way we shop.

Meijer revealed Thursday the "most surprising" shopping trends starting from the height of the shutdown.

Among the trends, the retailer found that while home delivery and pickup services doubled at their stores over the last 12 months, shoppers opted for their Shop & Scan technology, using it more than 100 million times.

When it comes to the way we eat, shoppers, according to Meijer, were choosing easier meal choices, saying their grab n' go sushi was a popular pick along with rotisserie chickens (the retailer says they've sold more than 500,000 over the last month.)

Meijer says shoppers also continue to lean into making bulk purchases with an eye on citrus fruits.

The retailer says customers were also clamoring for workout equipment, noting a 300 percent increase in demand on yoga mats, exercise straps, curl bars and hand weights over the last 12 months.

Also of note was an uptick in pillows — more than 1 million to be exact, sold in 2020.

Meijer says shoppers also appeared to want to add comfort to their home offices with an increase of interest in thermal curtains and weighted blankets. Spa-themed candles also increased in popularity by 160% since the start of the pandemic, according to the retailer. And retailers also zeroed in on things to help them beat the boredom, like board games, puzzles, bikes, pools and grills. Meijer says they have seen more than 60 percent increase in fishing pole and gear sales.

"As communities have begun to re-open, we're continuing to find new ways to be flexible as customers reshape their shopping habits for the warmer weather of a new year," said Peter Whitsett, Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing, in a press release.