Golf courses forced to turn away players as crowds take advantage of warm weather

Posted at 7:23 AM, Dec 27, 2019

Forget the gifts you get at the stores. Mother Nature delivered the gift of warm weather on the day after Christmas in metro Detroit, and most are not asking for a gift receipt.

Normally this time of year the danger would be slipping on ice, or problems on snowy roads, but today in metro-Detroit we found a different danger – crowded golf courses.

“December golf – it is amazing," said Richard Wolsky. "It is a Christmas gift.”

At the Glenhurst Golf Course in Redford, workers said it was as busy as it would typically be on the Fourth of July. Tee times are taken. Golfers on the course are feeling lucky.

“I put my clubs up a couple weeks ago thinking it was the end of the season and it is amazing to be out here to play,” said Andre Welch.

The golf course was so popular, there was a wait.

“They told me the only tee time I could get was 2:40 in the afternoon and only nine holes," said Michael Fleming. "I said, 'oh my God, no.' I asked if they could squeeze me in with another pair and they did. My point is it is booked solid."

It even became so busy that many who came out to golf were simply turned away.

“It is a good day out here," said Charles Carter, 17,who was unable to golf with his dad as hoped. "We were expecting to get out on the course but everybody took advantage of it."

Charles' dad added that he wasn't surprised.

“Beautiful weather for a golfer means: swing,” he said.