Girl testifies in hearing that her mother abused her over letter to a friend at school

Posted at 5:45 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 18:40:34-05

A teenager took the stand against her own mom, alleging in court she beat her and called her homophobic slurs after she found a lover letter between her daughter and a friend at school.

“She said you never going to be my daughter again and you can't live in this house no more," the girl testified.

The 14-year old girl testified her mom, Iyesha Porter, called her out of class early on November 11 after finding a love letter in the couch - a letter the teen claims was between her and her best girl friend.

Her mom didn't buy the story and started beating her once they got home from school.

Once inside -

"She asked me again. ‘Do you like this girl? Are you bi? Are you gay?,’” the girl testified. “I said ‘Naw, i don't like this girl’."

The alleged violence from her mother didn't stop, the teen said, until her mom's boyfriend pulled them apart.

Porter is now facing 3 counts of child abuse, third degree, child abuse 4th degree and assault and battery.

The prosecutor is asking the judge for an amendment to the charges to include domestic violence.

The teen testified her mom took her to her dad's house. Her goal, according to the detective who responded, was to make her daughter right.

“After we pulled up to my dad house, we was in the car, she slapped me then I got out the car," the girl testified.

That's when police were called - taking statements from everyone involved, including the teen's dad.

This morning the judge agreed there was enough evidence for the case to go to trial.