Game On: 3 secrets revealed about pro gamers

Posted at 1:28 PM, Jul 21, 2017

This Saturday NBC is dipping their toes into e-sports with the qualifying round of the two-on-two Rocket League Summer Tournament. The grand finals will be broadcast on air over two days this August, but the news got us wondering, what the heck are e-sports anyway? Turns out it is big business for broadcasters, colleges and gamers. It’s time to get our game on! Lindsey Granger is revealing three secrets about this rising career option.

1.  Practice Makes Perfect

Overwatch is one of the hottest competitive games right now, with some players practicing 50 hours plus a week.

2.  Big Bucks, Little People

Some gaming tournaments pay out over $100,000. Win a few of those and you'll be ready to retire early!

3.  Esports Theaters

Esport establishments are popping up, with competitive gaming theaters. MX-4D turns whatever the players are doing on screen into a roller coaster like experience complete with water sprays and scents for the spectators.

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