Family says passenger in fatal car crash that killed man is victim as well

Posted at 10:25 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 14:52:08-04

The family of the passenger involved in a deadly high speed crash Monday is claiming their daughter is also an innocent victim.

Classie Butler, 32, remains in the hospital with serious injuries.

Her father Harold Bowker told us, "They took her spleen out. She has about 60 staples in her belly."

Butler is also dealing with broken bones, and she's having trouble walking for now.

She was in the car that had been speeding away from officers Monday afternoon near Woodward and State Fair in Detroit. They slammed into 72-year old Bennie Sims, killing the retired Chrysler worker.

Investigators were in the area working on human trafficking and prostitution, but Butler's family stresses she was not involved in that lifestyle.

olice say they never gave chase.

7 Action News has learned, Butler, who most likely won't face charges, was screaming at the 51-year-old driver to, "Stop, Stop! Don't do this!"

Her mother, Theresa Butler, says of that driver, "She shouldn't have done this. All because she had a felony against her."

We're told Butler and the driver were only acquaintances, the family claiming they don't know each other well at all.

The driver remains in the hospital in critical conditions.