Detroit Mower Gang now taking on more than parks

Posted at 10:37 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 11:14:29-04

Giving Detroit’s kids a safe place to play - that’s the mission of the Detroit Mower Gang.

We first introduced you to the group 4 years ago in a Detroit 2020 special. Back then it was just a handful of friends helping maintain a few city parks.

Now, they are taking over Detroit playgrounds, flashing “gang signs”, revving their engines and taking down anything that get’s in their way.

It’s the kind of gang activity people like seeing in their neighborhoods.

Armed with mowers, weed-wackers, and blowers they have one goal – making sure everybody has someplace safe to play.

Budget cuts left many of Detroit’s 90+ parks overgrown and neglected back in 2010. Tom Nardone decided to do something about it.

He invited a few friends to join and they became the Detroit Mower Gang. Since then membership has grown to more than 60 volunteers.

For the first time this year the Detroit Mower Gang has a sponsor. Craftsman donated nearly $20,000 worth of equipment, enabling the gang to expand its territory beyond just parks.

The gang meets up regularly all summer long – not for money or glamour, but for the camaraderie and the chance to make a difference.