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Excellence in Education 9/25/18: Brian Bearss

Posted at 7:01 AM, Sep 26, 2018

The Michigan Lottery has played a big role in funding education in our state, which is why it has teamed up with FOX 47 News to recognize excellent educators state-wide.

Brian Bearss of Yale Public Schools joins us as this week's Michigan Lottery Excellence in Education Award winner. 

"He approaches teaching science in a manner that allows students to discover. Congratulations Brian" says nominator Kenneth Nicholl

"I think Science is more fun when you are doing things rather than reading about them. I definitely try to make sure that kids are always actively engaged. One of the things that really helped me was kind of getting rid of that mentality that as a teacher I had to know the right answers and I was willing to kind of relinquish some of that control to the students and realize that there might be multiple ways to tackle a problem or different ways to look at things. I really think this allowed me to be a better teacher and I do think it makes the classroom more interesting because not everyone is doing the same thing. There's lots of creative ideas.

Brian receives a $1500 check from the Michigan Lottery and his class at Yale High School receives a $500 grant.

The Excellence in Education award is sponsored by the Michigan Lottery, proud to provide more than $20 billion to support public education since 1972!

If you know of an excellence educator in your district that you'd like to see win this award, fill out this nomination form