Excellence in Education 10/23/18: Shannon Wintz

Posted: 7:12 AM, Oct 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-24 11:12:40Z

Shannon Wintz from Kalamazoo Central High School joins us as this week's Michigan Lottery Excellence in Education Award winner. 

We received a video, so I'd like to show it to you right now. 

"She has a very unique way to connect with all of her students. To be able to do that with a bunch of teenagers with different backgrounds is an amazing feat in just itself."

Shannon stated that:

"When I was younger learning did not come easy for me. It hurt me. I thought to myself, I do not ever want a child to leave my room and feel stupid. There's no stupid children in this world. I dedicated my life to kids. I want to help them realize their potential and I want them to find that light. 


Shannon receives a $1500 check from the Michigan Lottery and her class at Kalamazoo Central High School receives a $500 grant.

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