Ex-con with long rap sheet faces charges in Egypt Covington's murder

Posted at 9:56 PM, Nov 09, 2020

One of at least two suspects in the murder of Egypt Covington has been arraigned on multiple charges, including first-degree murder. And Michigan State Police are not remaining very tight-lipped on the case.

"A person like that with a rap sheet a mile long; felony, felony, felony," said D'Wayne Turner. "And it goes on and on. How he could even be out to make this happen.

Turner is talking about 34-year-old Timothy Eugene Moore, an ex-con now charged with the murder of his sister Egypt Covington. Moore was arraigned over the weekend, and is facing multiple charges including first-degree murder, home invasion and possession by a felon.

Covington was shot to death in her Van Buren Township home on June 22, 2017. And just ten days before she was bound and shot to death, Moore was accused of fleeing from police and assaulting/resisting an officer in Washtenaw County. And years ago, he served time in prison for assaulting someone during an attempted armed robbery.

Covington's loved ones are just thankful Michigan State Police have arrested two people, and say they hope to know who the second person under arrest is very soon.