Erosion of road wreaking havoc on M-25 along Lake Huron

Posted at 10:50 PM, Jan 22, 2020

Some drivers who love the scenic route along the Great Lakes are running into some issues that are putting the brakes on the ride. Problems with erosion are wreaking havoc on some major roads including M-25 in Port Sanilac.

It is hard to imagine something so scenic can be the source of problems. High water levels are creating these issues. On M-25 along Lake Huron, you can see erosion issues have been eating away the land near the road. MDOT is trying to prevent the situation from worsening.

“We are losing too much shoreline," said Jocelyn Hall, MDOT's Bay Region Communications Representative. "We are starting to be concerned about the stabilization of the slope and the road that is adjacent to that.”

MDOT officials are keeping an eye on 700 feet of embankment. Erosion has been an issue along other areas near the Great Lakes.

In a video from the western part of the the state on Lake Michigan, you can see a road falling into the lake as the water pounds the coastline.

To prevent this, MDOT has hauled in 15,000 tons of material to stabilize the embankment along M-25 and create a barrier to prevent water from washing up too high.

“The soil erosion has just become too drastic and we are concerned that we are going to lose too much of that embankment potentially lose the shoulder and if we lose the shoulder then we have to close and detour M-25,” Hall said.

The initial phase costs about $200,000 but the permanent fix is exected to take place this fall and as of now, it's unclear the price tag for that.