'Entitlement' just one reason why Monica Conyers fired from Detroit radio

Read internal memo from 910AM Superstation CEO
Posted at 1:24 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 14:58:41-04

In an internal memo sent to employees, the owner of 910AM Superstation lists a number of wild reasons why Monica Conyers was fired as a radio host.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Conyers was terminated for violating corporate policy.

Read the context of the memo below sent from Kevin Adell:     

Monica Conyers is still the same old - same old, she hasn’t been rehabilitated. Monica Conyers is the same person you saw in City Council with her sense of entitlement.

1. Attempted to use a corporate benefit that didn’t exist for you. Example, using my executive assistant to book a room at The Peninsula in Chicago for $750/night when it wasn’t approved.

2. Attempted to garner a discount using her husband’s Federal Government ID when he was never a part of this trip. She has a Federal ID number, but it isn’t the Federal ID number
that people want.

3. Being loud and obnoxious in the hallways of The Word Network and partying down like its 1999!

4. Bother the CEO while he is on vacation with his family. Calling him about refreshments because her husband, the highest ranking member, is coming in to do a radio interview with his wife on her radio show (give me a few minutes to throw up before I continue…).

5. Banging on the CEO’s door. It is closed for a reason, either I’m on the phone or meeting with someone…I am not looking for you. She bangs on the door until I open it!

6. Didn’t properly register as a lobbyist. She wanted to be included as a lobbying firm, but we discovered later that she never did register properly.

7. Swag for all three companies is used for marketing, she cleaned out our swag for all three companies! It is not to replace her wardrobe and not used for her personal sleepwear, etc.