President-elect Biden denied intelligence briefings amid transition

President-elect Biden denied intelligence briefings amid transition
Posted at 7:04 PM, Nov 10, 2020

The national intelligence director’s office says it can’t begin engaging with President-elect Joe Biden’s team until a federal agency starts the process of transition, which the Trump administration is delaying.

The office, which oversees all U.S. intelligence agencies, said it must follow the Presidential Transition Act, which requires the General Services Administration to first ascertain the winner of the election Trump is contesting.

Intelligence agencies have given general intelligence briefings -- minus information on covert operations and sources and methods -- to presidential nominees since 1952. Biden started receiving them soon after he became the Democratic presidential nominee. It’s unclear if he is still getting them.

Some presidents have allowed their successors to receive the President’s Daily Brief, containing the nation’s most sensitive intelligence information. President Donald Trump would have to authorize Biden to receive that brief.

A Biden transition spokesperson declined to comment on the briefings.