Pennsylvania voters gather for nonpartisan 'Protect the Vote'

Posted at 2:36 PM, Nov 05, 2020

It’s a simple message: “Count every vote."

It's what a crowd in Pennsylvania is chanting, as officials continue counting ballots in the battleground state.

For Kierstyn Zolfo, it’s a personal one.

“We believe that every vote needs to be counted,” she said. “I voted by mail-in, and I do that regularly anyway because I have disability issues.”

Her mobility may be limited, but her voice--and those of others in this crowd--are not. Just 30 miles north of Philadelphia, in the all-important suburbs and outside the Bucks County Elections Office, residents rallied.

“We're also here to celebrate that we're outside of the place that the votes were being counted,” said Marlene Pray, who organized the rally.

It’s an effort called Protect The Vote. They are pushing to make sure every vote in the state, no matter the party affiliation, gets counted.

“It's a completely nonpartisan effort. We just want to make sure that every vote gets counted,” said Bob Edwards with Protect The Vote. “I mean, what could be more simple and what more American than that?”

Yet, the Trump campaign is suing Pennsylvania on several legal fronts, hoping to block certain mail-in votes, votes that the Pennsylvania Secretary of State said were legally cast by the millions there in the largest numbers ever seen in the state.

The potential for multiple legal challenges here in Pennsylvania looms large, especially for ballots received after Election Day, which by state law, can still be counted if they were postmarked on Election Day and are delivered to elections offices by Friday.

“This is profoundly important,” Pray said.

It is something Kierstyn Zolfo sees, as well.

“This is about American principles,” she said, “counting every vote.”