Hit and run reported at Trump rally in Florida

Posted at 10:32 PM, Nov 02, 2020

A hit and run was reported over the weekend at a Trump rally in Cape Coral, Florida.

The victim was transported to the hospital and was complaining of knee pain after claiming they were struck by a black Toyota Tundra. Witnesses reported the vehicle tags and police were able to locate the driver.

Truck parade for President Trump in Cape Coral

According to reports, the Toyota, which was covered in an anti-Trump, pro-Biden vehicle wrap, was stopped at a red light when it was surrounded by people with flags, chanting, "Four more years." When the light changed, the driver, who was seen wearing a blonde wig, small top hat, and a red and black shirt, claims to have been in fear for their safety. Lifting their foot from the brake, the truck advanced forward making contact with the victim who fell to the driver's side of the truck. The driver claims to have seen the person but did not think they were stuck by the vehicle.

Reports claim the victim was under the influence of alcohol.

Cape Coral Police are investigating.

This article was written by Kat Velez for WFTX.