Dominion CEO denounces disinformation campaign during Michigan hearing

Posted at 8:57 AM, Dec 16, 2020

LANSING, Mich. — Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos testified under oath in front of Michigan lawmakers Tuesday, defending his company from what he called “a dangerous and reckless disinformation campaign."

“These lies have consequences: death threats have been leveled against state and local officials, my company's employees, and even against my family,” Poulos said. "The largest threat, however, has been on the assault on the confidence in America's democratic process."

The Denver-based company has been at the center of fraud allegations and unfounded conspiracy theories after a clerk in Antrim County made an error while reporting unofficial results on election night, giving Trump votes to Biden.

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The error was quickly corrected, but since then Dominion has been accused of switching votes and having ties to foreign countries, among other wide-ranging claims.

Poulos refuted all of them, reiterating that Dominion machines simply just count paper ballots.

“To date, no one has produced credible evidence of vote fraud or vote switching on Dominion systems, because these things have simply not occurred,” Poulos added.

Poulos’ appearance before Michigan’s Senate Oversight Committee comes on the heels of the public release of a report by Allied Security Operations Group, which claims Dominion purposely created systemic fraud and influenced election results.

The report was tweeted out by President Trump Monday night but was discredited by local clerks and slammed by Michigan election officials shortly after its release.

Poulos says Dominion has no access to Antrim County systems and called the report “bias.”

“A lot of the arguments were incomprehensible to me, but then again I haven’t seen any of the files, so I can’t comment on what it is they are looking for,” Poulos added. "But some of the conclusions they had were wrong and false."

Republican Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons, a Republican, said Tuesday that Poulos’ testimony should put to rest false claims of tabulator manipulation in the election,” adding, “Simply put: Tabulators don’t run elections. Clerks, staff, and election workers from our communities who take an oath to uphold the Constitution run our elections.”

Votes were certified statewide last month, and Joe Biden was awarded all 16 of Michigan's electors on Monday.

To watch Tuesday’s testimony in full, click here.