Controversial Wayne County canvasser talks about phone call from president, affidavit to rescind

Posted at 11:25 PM, Nov 20, 2020

After a long afternoon and evening to certify the election results in Wayne County Tuesday, Monica Palmer got a phone call from President Donald Trump.

Palmer is one of two Republican canvassers.

William Hartmann is the other Republican canvasser and he was with Palmer after the meeting. The two were walking to Palmer's car when she got a phone call on her cell. The person on the other end asked if she could speak to the president.

Earlier that day, Palmer and Hartman were criticized when they voted against certifying the votes in Wayne County. But before the meeting was over, they agreed to certify the results that favored Joe Biden.

Palmer and Hartmann said they only agreed to certify the results because they were told by their Democratic counterpart that they would seek an audit of the votes.

The day after the call from the president, Palmer and Hartmann each wrote an affidavits, attempting to rescind their votes which would decertify the election results.