Celebration in Detroit after election called for Joe Biden

Posted at 4:17 PM, Nov 08, 2020

In the streets of Detroit, celebration broke out after it was announced Joe Biden would be elected president.

“We defended in our democracy and we won,” said Nia Winston, speaking at a #VOTERSDECIDED event in Midtown.

The event had been planned before the election was called for Biden, but the announcement added renewed excitement.

“It's awesome, it’s awesome. I'm so excited,” said Rochester Hills resident Bruce Felk. "I was not a Joe Biden fan, I was a Bernie guy, but we’ll take this.”

The call naming Biden president-elect brought hundreds out of their homes, and the election also brought state leaders to Lansing in a rare Saturday session.

“This is nothing more than political theater,” said State Representative Cynthia Johnson.

In a partisan 6-3 vote, the joint House and Senate Oversight Committee voted to subpoena the Michigan Bureau of Elections after allegations of fraud and misconduct.

“People we represent have demanded answers and we must work to provide them,” said State Representative Matt Hall. "I think part of that healing process is to do these things and to debunk things that aren’t true, to look into the process and to make sure the people of this State can make sure this is a fair process where legal votes are counted only.”

As the hearing happened inside, supporters of the president packed the steps outside the State Capitol. Calling the election a steal, as Democrats called for proof.

“While this committee gathers to cast doubt on the election, I'm here to ask, where is the evidence,” State Representative Darrin Camilleri said.

Meanwhile, 100 miles away, the celebration continued as Detroiters said their voices have finally been heard.

“We defended our democracy, all our votes were counted and our voices were heard,” Winston said.

In a statement, Michigan Department of State spokesperson Jake Rollow said, "“Michigan’s election was conducted fairly, securely, accurately and transparently, and the results reflect the will of Michigan voters. The Michigan Department of State has provided accurate information throughout to inform voters of their rights and correct the misinformation that seeks to confuse voters and tear down our democracy. We hope such activities will now stop so that our state and nation can begin to heal its divisions and move forward."

Information pertaining to the requests from the legislature continues to be publicly available on the Department website in previously issued press releases.