Macomb County family desperate to have Yorkie returned after they say it was stolen from their yard

Posted at 6:02 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 08:55:32-04

On June 11th, the Rodriguez family was spending time in their side yard. 

When they went back inside, they thought their small Yorkie, Bunny, followed. Only she didn’t and when they noticed her missing a few minutes later, she was gone. 

Mario says a neighbor told him he spotted a woman in a white car pull to the curb, call the dog over, then drove off.

Desperate to have the family pet back for his young son, he searched the neighborhood and a few days later spotted the car a few blocks away. 

When he confronted the woman, who was visiting a relative in the neighborhood, she admitted to taking the dog, but said she didn’t know where it was. 

She thought the dog was lost and gave it to a couple in the neighborhood who appeared to be looking for the pooch.

The family is desperate to have the dog back, but the woman couldn’t provide any information on who she gave it to, or where they lived. 

She told a similar story to 7 Action News Reporter Ronnie Dahl, but a neighbor says she has seen the dog at the girl’s relative’s house in Warren. The woman denied she kept the dog.

A police report has been filed. The Rodriguez family is hoping the public can lead them to Bunny.

Click on the video to watch Ronnie Dahl’s full report