Duck being cared for after getting dumped out of truck window in Taylor

Posted at 9:40 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 10:56:28-04

A duck was dumped out of the window of a pickup truck in Taylor, a local duck rescue said this kind of incident will happen more after the Easter holiday.

Matthew Lyson is the co-founder of the Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary.  He said one of his volunteers called him about this particular incident last week. 

The volunteer was at Heritage Park in Taylor, doing a regular check of the area, because according to Lyson, it’s a popular spot to dump domesticated ducks.

"Another girl that was walking her dog came up and said I just saw this guy in a black and white pick up truck throw this duck out a window,” said Lyson.

Lyson said his volunteer called him and they brought the duck to his sanctuary in Plymouth.

Billie Jean was hurt, she had a large cut, trouble breathing and sores around her eyes.

"The sad thing, when they threw her out of the window, the duck wanted to keep going back to the truck just like a dog would that somebody had for a short period of time,” said Lyson.

Billie Jean is getting the care she needs, but according to Lyson, this story is all too common.

“Probably, my guess which is very common, bought it at Easter probably last year because of her age, something happened to her and he didn't want to take care her to a vet, [he thought] the best thing to do, to feel less guilt is to take it to a park throw it out and drive away and hope that somebody maybe picks it up or something gets it so he doesn't have to worry about it,” said Lyson.

Lyson said this time of year, people buy chicks and ducklings and understand what they’re getting into, many forget to take care of them and they die quickly or they are too much work.

"These are domesticated animals, they have feelings, they feel pain, they feel loneliness,” said Lyson.

"Would you throw your dog into the woods if you're tired of it? No you wouldn't a duck is the same way,” he said.

Billie Jean has a forever home now at the Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary, which houses about 300-400 ducks from all over the country, many with stories like Billie Jean’s.

"As far as spirit goes, she's got tremendous spirit, she's just a real sweet heart, but she's been through a lot she never would have made it a couple of nights in the woods there, not at all,” said Lyson.

If you’d like to find out more about theMichigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary, you can click here or log onto their Facebook page.