Detroit woman says she's out thousands over poorly constructed fence

Posted at 7:43 PM, Oct 10, 2017

Clinton Township resident Bonnie Welch says she's tired of dealing with this unstable fence.

Five years ago, she says she forked over more than $4,000 to Mulligans Windows, Siding and Roofing to build a fence that would help confine her two dogs— a pit bull and a rottweiler. 

But after a year, she began to notice some major problems: the wood on the bottom curling up, and paneling began shifting out of frame. 

The open spaces in the fence, she says, are what concerns her the most, because it could be dangerous for small kids who try to stick their hands in between.

The work -- she says she was told -- would be guaranteed for 18 months. But even though, she called for a replacement less than a year after its construction, the company hasn't returned to do the work.

She says she's been calling for four years. So our Taking Action team reached out to company for answers. They say they no longer do fencing but they are trying to find someone who can do it on their behalf.

In a statement to Channel 7, the company said:

We are certainly committed to going out to look at the fence and do our best to have somebody fix and repair it as needed. 

Channel 7 will follow up to make sure there is some resolve.