Detroit family hears Fort Lauderdale shooting through phone while talking with daughter at airport

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jan 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-06 19:11:04-05

Ava Davis was on her way to the airport in Fort Lauderale, when her daughter, who was already there, called frantically.

In the background, she could hear screaming, crying, and gunshots.

Davis, and another daughter, were flying back to Detroit after a family cruise. One of her daughters had an earlier flight out.

Davis told us on the phone, while still at the airport, "She was crying and screaming. She said 'momma, they're shooting at the airport.' She said 'and I'm hiding behind this barrier.' So you could hear people screaming. I could hear the gunshots. You know, so you know I was frantic. My baby was scared."

Davis shared photos of tight security at the airport, also a video of officers taking a man into custody. They will most likely stay at a hotel for the night, before trying to get home.

The family had just returned to Florida from a cruise to Mexico.

Early tonight, Davis and one of her daughters were still not allowed to leave a secure area. Her other daughter was kept at an airport hangar.

Davis tells 7 Action News a suspicious package was found around 5:30, and law enforcement was suiting up to take care of it.