Delta Airlines responds to man's efforts to find iPad's owner

Posted: 11:24 PM, Dec 28, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-28 23:30:21-05

This story is a reminder that there are good people in the world who simply want to do the right thing. Greg Ruvolo from Lathrop Village is one of them.

Ruvolo found an iPad mini on a recent flight out of Detroit, just as he was about to get off the plane.

“It was slipped down in the seat back pocket. Obviously it wasn’t mine, but I didn’t want to leave it there. I tried to turn it in, but everything was closed,” Ruvolo said.

He had to make his next flight, so he took it with him. He then went to work on social media to find the rightful owner, sharing a picture he could see on the locked device. He made a Facebook post tagging WXYZ.

We showed up at his home for an interview. He told us he had called Delta Airlines, but didn’t get through to someone who could help. He had also called a hotel in Detroit where the iPad calendar indicated the owner of the device stayed. Despite his efforts he had not found the owner.

Our sister station WXYZ went to work, reaching out to sources at Delta. They were able to finally connect him with the iPad’s owner.

Delta Airlines thanked Ruvolo for his tenacity and morality.

Ruvolo says he hopes receiving the iPad means a lot to the owner.

“I think the message to them is there are good people in the world still, trying to do good things and trying to get property back to people who rightfully own them.”