Jackpot winning couple says they were kidnapped & robbed by armed man at Greektown Casino

Posted at 6:55 PM, Sep 26, 2016

It happened Thursday night into early Friday morning at Greektown Casino in Deroit. It left 67-year-old Char and 69-year-old Johnny so fearful, they asked we withhold their last name and where they live.

The evening started out wonderfully. Johnny, who had a stroke about 6 weeks ago, was finally getting some luck. He got a jackpot on a slot machine.  When he went to tell Char, she won a jackpot.

“We went out celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary,” said Char.  “We had some good luck.”

Suddenly the couple had a brand new friend chatting them up.

"We started winning more. He was around us,” said Johnny.

“He was very well mannered,” said Char. “He was darn good looking. Clean cut.”

“I had to go to the bathroom. He said I will show you where it is at,” said Johnny.

The couple cashed out and went to get in their vehicle in a Greektown parking garage around 2 a.m. in the morning.

That is when once again, the same man comes up behind them.

“He tells us he’s got a gun,” said Char.

“We didn’t have any choice, but to do what he said,” said Johnny.

They say once in their vehicle, the man held a gun to their heads, ordered they drive to a desolate neighborhood, then stole Char’s sapphire and diamond ring and jackpot winnings

“I got a gun right in my face. I am seeing the barrel of it and looking in his eyes,” said Char.

“I’m envisioning him shooting her in the head and me in the head, taking us away from our family,” said Johnny.

"He’s all I got and if I lose him I don’t have anything,” said Char of her husband.  “And all I kept thinking was talk this guy down so you don’t lose your husband.”

After grabbing the valuables, the man continued to point the gun at them.  They believe in that moment he was deciding whether or not to kill them. He finally let them go.

“This might sound weird, but I thank him for it,” said Johnny.

Char and Johnny were too afraid to do anything but rush immediately home.  They say they are sharing their story because they want you to be extra alert if you are going to be at a casino.

7 Action News reached out to Greektown Casino-Hotel. It reviewed security cameras and will work with police as they investigate what happened.

"Greektown Casino-Hotel provides guests with a security escort to their cars at any time for any reason. We encourage our guests to report any unusual or suspicious activity,” said Gayle Joseph, Vice President of Communications in a statement.  "Guns are strictly prohibited at Greektown Casino-Hotel, and as well as all other area casinos.

Police say this appears at this time to be an isolated incident.