4:13 PM, Feb 27, 2020


VIDEO: Gov. Whitmer encourages Michiganders to stay safe over holiday weekend

Posted at 2:47 PM, Nov 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-24 14:47:31-05

Governor Gretchen Whitmer encouraged Michiganders to stay safe on Thanksgiving and over the holiday weekend.

In a video, she asked Michiganders to wear a mask, practice safe physical distancing, wash hands frequently and follow the new Michigan Department of Health and Human Services epidemic order.

“Thanksgiving is about taking time to appreciate the things around us as well as give to others," she said. "This year in particular, I am thankful for our frontline workers in our hospitals, child care centers, grocery stores, and everyone else who put their lives on the line to protect our families from COVID-19. As the weather gets colder and as cases continue to skyrocket, we must do everything we can to protect these heroes on the front lines,” said Governor Whitmer. “We all have a role to play to keep our family, friends, neighbors, and frontline workers safe. I know this year will be different, but to protect our families, frontline workers, and small businesses, we must make short-term sacrifices for our long-term health.”

Watch the video below:

Whitmer and state health officials previously announced a "3-Week Pause" aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus. The new order also limits indoor gatherings, where the state says COVID-19 can spread rapidly.