4:13 PM, Feb 27, 2020


4:13 PM, Feb 27, 2020


Top 7 best free online resources for at-home learning with kids

Posted: 3:08 PM, Mar 26, 2020
Updated: 2020-03-26 15:08:09-04

Many schools are offering resources for kids while schools are closed because of the coronavirus.

While those resources should be your first option, you may need more.

Your child may need more challenging work or more resources on a specific subject. Or they may just be getting bored.

We’re running down some of the best free online resources for kids of all ages in our Thursday’s Top 7.

If you’re looking for added resources for your family, veteran teacher Kathleen Westerland says don’t worry about matching school content.

Westerland adds “If it matches what they're interested in and gives them an opportunity to interact, we're ahead of the game," said Westerland.


Check out for day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing. There are articles and videos for kids from pre-K through 9th grade – including fun ways to look at math – tying in proportions and camo clothing!


Sixth on our list is While Mystery Science does have paid memberships, the site is offering their most popular science lessons absolutely free of charge. There are mini-lessons and full lessons with hands-on activities with supplies you probably already have at home.

#5) Crash Course

Want to engage a child with videos covering everything from anatomy to sociology. Crash Course is the answer it's 5th on our list. Crash Course videos are a great complement to high school and even college-level classes but are still interesting enough to hold the attention of upper elementary and middle school students.

#4) Doulingo.Com

Fouth is Doulingo. It’s an amazing resource if you want to keep your child learning another language. Duolingo offers free courses in 35 languages with built-in gamification to keep the lessons fresh and engaging.

#3 Quizlet

Your child is already probably familiar with Quizlet. It’s 3rd on our list. Quizlet is the world's largest student–teacher online community with over 50 million active users every month. You can create your own lesson or use one of the 300 Million study sets available. If there is a subject you and to learn. You can find it on Quizlet.


If you want to put a little more fun into learning Try Kahoot! It’s our runner up. Kahoot! is a game-based app used in schools, colleges, and businesses. Kids can compete against each other in real-time or compete against the clock. You can create a learning game or trivia quiz called a Kahoot!, host or share or join a secure live game.

#1 Khan Academy

The top spot goes to Khan Academy. It’s a great source of high-quality videos, articles, practice questions and lessons, all of which are completely free of charge and free of ads.

But most importantly in this tense time pay attention to your children's emotional needs. Westerland says if you notice your child is showing signs of stress, focus on that.

“Push the academic aside,” Westerland says. “Sit down and play a game or have a conversation or say, 'hey, let's read a book together'.”