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Operation Haircut giving free haircuts on capitol lawn in Lansing on May 20

Operation Haircut giving free haircuts on capitol lawn in Lansing on May 20
Posted at 10:29 PM, May 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-15 22:29:50-04

Operation Haircut is headed to the state capitol.

The rally, inspired by Owosso barber Karl Manke's defiance of the governor's stay-at-home order< /span> , will take place on May 20 at noon.

Organizers say the during Operation Haircut free haircuts will be performed on capitol lawn from noon to 3 p.m.

Volunteers will have chairs and safe equipment to provide basic haircuts.

“Michigan’s small business owners are patriotic and law abiding citizens, but enough is enough. Our Governor’s actions show every day that this is no longer about the China virus. Her actions show this is now about a progressive radical agenda,” said Marian Sheridan, a co-founder of the Michigan Conservative Coalition. “Dope shops are open, abortion mills churn on, but barber shops are, somehow, unsafe. Show us that ‘science’ Governor!”

“Operation Haircut is designed to demonstrate the insanity still rampant in Lansing,” said Sheridan. “Michigan needs to be reopened now to end the reign of Michigan’s power hungry bureaucrats.”

Those attending will be encouraged to comply with social distancing and other safe practices, such as wearing face coverings.

The Operation Haircut rally will create a forum to “redress grievances” about our government’s misuse of its power, according to organizers.

In early May, Michigan State Police paid a visit to Manke's barbershop that opened up against the governor's orders. Troopers served paperwork from the Attorney General's Office ordering Owosso barber Karl Manke to shut down his shop again.

On May 13, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs suspended Manke's license after he continued to defy the stay-home order.

“Citizens are tired of being treated like babies,” said Meshawn Maddock, Chair of the 11th District Republican Committee. “As adults, we know what needs to be done to stay safe. Any citizen has the right to participate, or not participate, in Operation Haircut. Lansing elites love to tell everyone else how to live. That is not freedom. Citizens are fed up. Join us in Lansing on May 20. Get a free haircut and then let’s get Michigan back to work, before it is too late.”

Organizers say they encourage the "displaying respectful flags and signs" at the capitol building located at 100 N. Capitol Avenue in Lansing. </p>


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