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Michigan House Republicans unveil new COVID-19 recovery plan

Posted at 9:32 AM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 13:20:31-05

(WSYM) — Michigan House Republicans unveiled a new COVID-19 recovery plan aimed to help the state "bounce back" from the pandemic.

The plan initially provides about $3.5 billion in federal and state funds.

This comes after Governor Gretchen Whitmer released her own plan to help the state get back on track; her plan aims to provide roughly $5 billion in funds.

View the breakdown of House Republicans' plan below, divided into three sections – Economy, Schools and Vaccines:


  • $150M in unemployment benefits
  • $55M in relief for local Michigan job providers
  • $415M to help restaurants and other small businesses
  • $38.5M to reimburse fees for liquor licenses and health department inspections
  • $22M to assist job providers facing penalties and interest on 2020 summer or winter property taxes
  • $165M to help families with rent and utility relief
  • $510M for SNAP benefits


  • $363M for districts committing to reopen in-person instruction by Feb. 15
  • $135M for voluntary, in-person summer semester for K-8 to help kids recover from learning loss during pandemic
  • $21M for teachers and support staff helping students catch up over the summer
  • $5.8M to help families participating in summer school transportation, tutoring, other costs


  • $22M for "closer monitoring and accountability" in the governor's distribution plan
  • $144M for virus testing

Michigan House Appropriations Committee Chair Thomas Albert said the plan requires "transparency and accountability."

"It’s in everyone’s best interests for the Legislature to be heavily involved in the state’s COVID-19 recovery plan – and we’re getting involved," Albert said.

The governor's office released the following statement in response:

We are pleased to see that House Republicans are embracing the key elements of Governor Whitmer’s MI COVID Recovery Plan that prioritizes vaccine distribution, support for small businesses, and getting our kids back in the classroom,” said Communications Director Tiffany Brown. “Governor Whitmer is ready and eager to work with Republicans in the legislature to pass a bipartisan economic recovery plan that supports our small businesses and helps get families back on their feet. It is also crucial that we pass a plan that helps vaccinate our educators and puts more dollars into classrooms so we can get our kids back in school safely while staying focused on protecting public health. This is not the time for partisan games. It’s time to get to work.