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Michigan health officials concerned after second straight day of more than 6K COVID cases

Posted at 9:48 PM, Apr 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-02 08:19:04-04

(WXYZ) — For the second straight day, Michigan health officials are reporting more than 6,000 positive COVID-19 cases. It’s a trend that’s causing concern.

There were 6,036 new coronavirus infections reported on Thursday. But with so many people getting the vaccine, why are the numbers continuing to climb when the numbers finally turn?

“The end game here is the vaccines. That’s what’s going to help us,” said Dr. Mathew Sims, infectious disease specialist at Beaumont Health.

Dr. Sims says the surge in cases in Michigan is concerning.

“Anytime you’re in a contained area where other people are, you're at a risk,” he said.

Cases are going in the wrong direction. More than 6,000 for two straight days. Tens of thousands of Michiganders are getting the vaccine daily. So, why are the numbers going up?

“Tens of thousands of people getting vaccinated daily is great, but you have to remember there’s 10 million people who live in Michigan. So, we still have a lot of people who are vulnerable,” Dr. Sims said.

Monroe County and Clinton Township both declaring a state of emergency as cases continue to soar. Several school districts are resorting to virtual learning after spring break for at least a week.

Dr. Sims says every day health officials are administering more vaccines.


“Every day, we’re giving as many as we can. If I recall the last day or so, it was roughly 60-thousand cases nationwide and as I said 3.3 million doses, so we’re giving more vaccine but we have a lot more people who are still at risk,” Dr. Sims said.

Dr. Sims says people need to get the vaccine and continue to follow health protocols if we want to beat this pandemic.

“We need to get to where we have that herd immunity and then we can start celebrating, taking off the mask, gathering again, etc. Right now, we’re not there yet,” Dr. Sims said.

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