4:13 PM, Feb 27, 2020


Kid Rock donates $100,000 to barstool fund helping small businesses during the pandemic

Posted at 9:55 AM, Jan 05, 2021

(WXYZ) — Kid Rock announced on Twitter Monday that he'll be donating $100,000 to support small businesses struggling to survive during the pandemic.

"THIS IS THE AMERICA I LOVE!" Kid Rock wrote in a tweet. "Put me down for 100k. And I only post this in hopes others as blessed as me may be moved to help out. -Kid Rock."

The fund, launched by Barstool Sports, was created to help small businesses struggling to stay afloat during the COVID crisis. All of the net proceeds from the fundraiser go toward supporting small businesses, and many businesses in metro Detroit have received funds.

Within the first 10 days of the fund going live, nearly $17 million was raised and more than 50 businesses were helped.

To donate or apply to the fund, visit Barstool Fund.