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Growing concern surrounding increase in Delta variant COVID-19 cases in Michigan

Posted at 5:32 AM, Jul 21, 2021

(WXYZ) — Concerns are growing about the Delta variant of the coronavirus. It now makes up 83% of the country's new coronavirus infections, and it comes as vaccination rates struggle to meet herd immunity goals.

As of Wednesday morning, there were 71 cases of the Delta variant in Michigan, 13 cases more than there were on Tuesday morning.

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It also comes as the U.S. is seeing an increase in infections, with about 35,000 new infections per day.

There are five in Oakland County, three in Macomb County, two in Livingston County and two in Detroit.

"The rate of vaccination plays also a role here," Dr. Hassan Dakroub, an infectious disease consultant at Beaumont, said. "Being vaccinated up to, I think 60%, plays a big role in preventing this delta variant or minimizing the effect."

In metro Detroit however, multiple counties fall under 50% of the population fully vaccinated.

With restrictions lifted in the state - there's a new concern that the variant could disrupt our return to normal.

"The contagion is there whenever there is people in the workplace and stuff like that. so its very important again to be vaccinated even people that are getting sick with the delta variant that are vaccinated, we're seeing there's no fatalities or the fatalities are very minimum versus the non-vaccinated people," Dakroub added.

According to the stats, there is evidence that the Delta variant is breaking through the vaccine.

On Tuesday, the White House announced multiple vaccinated staffers tested positive with some showing symptoms. A vaccinated aide for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also tested positive.

A new study published Tuesday suggested the Johnson & Johnson vaccine isn't as effective against the Delta variant compared to the original strain, but the findings are from blood samples in a lab.

Doctors say continuing to wear masks in crowded areas isn't a bad idea, and vaccines are still free.

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