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Ferris State science professor claims that smart phones cause COVID-19

Ferris State science professor calls COVID-19 'leftist stunt' on social media
Posted at 6:56 PM, Nov 20, 2020

In a full staff meeting within the College of Arts and Sciences at Ferris State University earlier this semester, professor of physical sciences Thomas Brennan revealed that he is a COVID-19 denier, leaving a comment that disturbed many fellow faculty members.

As first reported by the Ferris State Torch, FSU's student-run newspaper, following this meeting, Brennan has posted to social media several times denying COVID-19. Brennan has also used the N-word in recent tweets.

Image courtesy of the Ferris State Torch
Courtesy of the Ferris State Torch
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Screenshot courtesy of the Ferris State Torch
Image courtesy of the Ferris State Torch

After these posts and these comments in the meeting, Ferris State has released a statement regarding Brennan.

"Ferris State University is aware of information about a College of Arts, Sciences and Education faculty member‘s alleged inappropriate professional behavior and comments. Earlier this year, this person was disciplined as a result of unprofessional actions at a college meeting," Ferris State said in the statment. "Upon learning of these new allegations, an investigation has been launched into the faculty member’s behavior and the faculty member has been placed on administrative leave. The comments and actions attributed to this faculty member do not represent the University’s mission and values and its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion."