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College athletes weigh options for extra year of eligibility

Posted at 8:56 PM, Mar 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-17 20:56:33-04
College athletes weigh options for extra year of eligibility

The NCAA announced late last week that it was going to allow an extra year of eligibility for spring athletes, the NAIA made the same announcement on Monday.

Now it's up to the student athletes.

Calvin University senior softball player Hannah Horvath was heartbroken when she thought her playing career had come to an abrupt end last week.

"Right when I got the news, I cried," Horvath, a senior from Caledonia, said. "I understand why it has to happen but it's all been happening so fast that it kind of just took me by surprise because I've worked so hard to get to this point and then just to have it all taken away, really was really terrible.

Now that she has the option of finishing her career on the field next spring, the decision was easy for Horvath.

"I thought I wanted to for sure," Horvath said. "I didn't know how academics had to be, once I realized that I could just put one class in the spring and take it, it was a no brainer and I definitely wanted to play again."

For Cornerstone senior baseball player Kyle DeSchryver, the cancellation was even tougher to handle because he was off to such a great start on the field.

"It was kind of like a double whammy," DeSchryver said. "Really doing well this season and feeling comfortable and being able to help my team out and then just the best season of my career is just cut short and it kind of hurt a lot."

His decision is not as easy as Horvath's. DeSchryver is a Florida native and already has some things in motion for next year.

"I've applied for some post graduate stuff so if I get accepted into those programs I'm gonna have to move on," DeSchryver said. "So I'm in a slight chance that I come back."

As he weighs his options, Horvath is very excited for one more season in 2021.

"I've had people call me and tell me before I knew I could come back," Horvath said. "If you have this opportunity to be able to play one more year, no matter what you have to do. I would definitely take it and I was like, O.K., I guess I'll take your word I mean my first instinct was, I'll do whatever to come back and play again."

It may be easier for division III athletes like Horvath at Calvin because there is no athletic scholarship money.

In the NAIA and NCAA division's I and II it is a little more complicated with seniors that were expected to leave and incoming freshman and money that was promised to those athletes.

Those things will need to be sorted out in the days and weeks to come.