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Are public restrooms safe to use amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Are public restrooms safe to use amid the coronavirus pandemic?
Posted at 3:42 PM, Jun 12, 2020

As more and more people venture back out during the pandemic, avoiding COVID-19 is top of mind for many metro Detroiters, especially in places like public restrooms.

So, are they safe? 7 Action News reporter Darren Cunningham spoke with a couple of experts who address those fears and what it takes to stay safe.

Each of the experts interviewed say it all comes down to proper hand hygiene, and for businesses to follow basic cleaning procedures.

"The COVID-19 virus, SARS-2 is what we call it, is pretty wimpy. So soap and water is enough. Alcohol wipes are enough. You don't need bleach," said U-M epidemiologist Joe Eisenberg, Ph. D.

Dr. Joe eisenberg, of the University of Michigan, studies the spread of infectious diseases.

As the economy reopens and businesses welcome back customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, public restrooms may seem risky.

As we've learned COVID-19 is a respiratory pathogen spread through droplets that may contaminate surfaces.

"They can persist for hours and sometimes even a day," said Eisenberg.

But he says not nearly as long as waterborne pathogens.

"Often, when you're talking about a bathroom you're thinking about those pathogens. And those are the ones you're worried about. The ecolis, salmonellas, the noroviruses," said Eisenberg. "They can lasts for weeks and long as months."

Tim Pyle is Executive Director of the American Restroom Association, which conducted an informal survey about public restrooms and COVID-19 concerns.

"50 percent of people, you know, it's part of daily life," said Pyle. "The other 50 people, they're worried and they have a lot of concerns so as they go out, where am I going to go? Is it going to be clean?"

In addition to keeping soap and paper supplies stocked, Pyle says businesses may consider investing in touchless technology, and at the very least, do their part to boost customer confidence.

"I think there's going to be the perception that if I don't see someone physically there cleaning the restroom, and they don't see any documentation of when it was cleaned," said Pyle. "Then there's going to be a little more hesitancy, I think."

Again, if each and every person washes their hands, avoids touching their face, covers their coughs or sneezes in an elbow or wear a mask, these experts say we'll be in good shape.

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