Charges dropped against grandmother in connection to fatal shooting of 13-year-old

Posted at 2:43 PM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 15:12:56-05

Charges have been dropped against a grandmother who was charged in connection to the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old in December.

In court on Monday, involuntary manslaughter, second degree child abuse and felony firearm charges were dropped against 58-year-old Lise Cox. Emarjae Watkins, 13, was shot and killed on December 12.

It is alleged that the grandmother kept a handgun on the floor of her bedroom and was aware that her grandsons knew that the gun and ammunition was located under a dresser.

Police say the 13-year-old grandson was home alone with several other teens at a home on Tireman Street in Detroit.  He got into his grandmother's bedroom. He found and loaded the gun and started playing with it. The gun went off and his friend was fatally shot in the back.

The grandmother was at work at the time.

The grandson is also charged as a juvenile with Manslaughter, Death by Weapon Aimed with Intent but without Malice, Felony Firearm and Careless Discharge causing death.