Need a mint? Cargo helps rideshare drivers provide products on-the-go

Posted at 8:03 AM, Jul 03, 2017

It's a new service aiming to enhance the rideshare experience.

A company based out of New York is on a mission to help drivers earn some extra cash and keep passengers extra happy by making products available on-the-go.

Cargo Systems is turning vehicles into small convenient stores on wheels. Snacks, medicine, beauty products — there’s a wide variety of offerings.

Cargo's founder and CEO, Jeff Cripe, says the kits have high utility items mixed in with some fun surprises.

"For passengers, you never have to worry about your phone dying, riding hungover, or suffering through that snack- less midnight ride from the airport. Everything you need is a tap away on your phone,” said Cripe in a statement. 

Here’s how it works: Each kit has a special code number. Riders simply log onto Cargo’s website, type in the code, select the products they want, and pay (if necessary) -- all with a couple of taps.

Cargo is free for drivers, and we're told they make 50 cents for each item distributed. According to Cripe, drivers can also receive bonuses for certain goals they hit. 

He says the average driver makes about $115 a month using Cargo. 

Software also reportedly tracks the inventory for each individual driver and sends replenishments automatically. 

One of Cargo's main markets is right here in Detroit, according to Cripe. He says they currently have thousands of driver signups across 47 states after a recent launch. 

Cargo was actually part of the Techstars Mobility 2016 class in Detroit. Cripe says the accelerator program really helped get them to where they are.

"It provided an awesome launch pad for us," said Cripe. 

Drivers looking to sign up can find more information here.