Carfax smartphone app provides recall and other important information on cars

Posted at 11:22 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 08:14:18-04

We are back helping you stay safe on the road. We went undercover throughout metro Detroit checking used cars that dealers want to sell to you.  

We found safety recalls dealers didn’t even know were on the books to be done. And we can show you how to check your own car, or one you’re looking to buy.

We checked cars in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties. We checked GM, Ford, Chrysler and foreign models. 

We checked cars at mom and pop used car dealers and Certified Pre Owned cars at new car dealers. 

The process takes only seconds and is simple as entering a Vehicle Identification Number or a license plate and Viola! you have an answer. 

“Oh wow, that’s cool.”  “Wait a minute, all of this came up?”  Those are the reactions we got from car owners. 

We found a 2013 GMC Terrain at Ford Road Motor Sales in Dearborn that had a recall for a front wiper transmission corrosion failure. 

Moe Jaffar the Service Manager told us, “We called the dealer to verify the recall was there. They confirmed that it was and they told us to bring it in.” 

He also said they safety check all the cars they sell, so I asked him, “So the fact that I found this one was a fluke?” 

Jaffar replied, “No not a fluke. We don’t have the technology to check every recall.” 

So we showed him the Carfax app and he said, “So if this is something that’s available then we’ll implement that too. If it’s covered under a recall, why not get it fixed.”

New car dealers also sell used cars. 

At Gorno Ford in Woodhaven cars go through a 172 point inspection before being sold. 

“It’s brought completely to Ford standards certified” says Used Car Sales Manager Russ Dentico.  “That car is basically 100% perfect.” 

We found a 2016 Ford Fusion that had a recall steering wheel attachment bolt replacement. We were told by Dentico it is not enough to be a stop sale. 

“It means a recall on it does not necessarily mean you can not sell the car. You can sell the car here, again Ford Motor Company makes that call, the dealer doesn’t.”

Dentico urges people shopping for used cars to get all the information they can from their own research and ask the dealer for the history they’ve gotten. 

At Gorno they use Carfax and a second history called Oasis. 

When buying a used car from a dealer you should also be clear on what the warranty is and get it in writing.